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Marion Ross is a singer of uncommon ability and artistry. Hers is a ‎ voice of great warmth, color, and depth. Marion is equally at home on ‎ the operatic stage or the concert platform. In addition to this ‎ ‎”Classical world”, Marion is one of the superior jazz singers of our ‎ time. Whether in classical music or jazz, or world music, Marion ‎ communicates with her audience in riveting fashion. Just listen to her sing an ‎Aria or one of the standards; this is a personality which speaks to the ‎ Heart.

Joseph Gold

Violinist, music critic of “The Strad Magazine”, concert impressario

Marion Ross is an international singer, performer, entertainer, musician, and artist to every aspect of it.

Born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania,‎Marion immigrated to Israel with her family in the age of 15.‎
In the age of only 18, she flew to Melbourne, ‎Australia, and formed her own music group, touring
with them through Melbourne and Sydney.‎
Later on, she decided to go back to Israel and seriously study music.‎

While singing with her own pop band all over Israel, Marion received a full scholarship ‎for Bachelor’s and Master’s
degrees to study Opera and Musical theater performance in USA, at ‎Oklahoma City University.‎
During the  years of studying opera, Marion Ross sang at ‎Oklahoma City University Opera and Musical Theater Company, where she ‎played Dame Quickly in “Falstaff” (Verdi), Suzy in “La Rondine” (Puccini), ‎mother roles in “Amahl and the Night visitors”, and “The Concul” ‎‎(Menotti); supporting role in “Lucia di Lammermoor” (Donizetti). ‎
She also became a soloist of an OCU Jazz Big Band conducted by ‎Brian Gorrell and toured all over the States. ‎

Marion Ross is a unique bundle of talent, a young attractive Lithuanian-born singer who is equally comfortable in opera, in jazz, in ‎ Broadway show tunes, in American R&B and soul music. She also writes ‎songs, plays piano, speaks four languages fluently, and has the curiosity ‎and drive to explore all kinds of new things that come her way. I’ve ‎heard her scat like the wind in front of a jazz band that she had never ‎encountered before, or sing the difficult mezzo-soprano role of Mrs. ‎Quickly in Verdi’s great comic opera “Falstaff.” Marion is definitely ‎somebody to watch – and you heard it here first.
Richard S.Ginell, Los Angeles Times/Daily Variety.‎

While Working with Gary Good Agency, she formed her own jazz band ‎‎“Innuendo”, performing all over Oklahoma City. Later, she decided to ‎build herself as an agent, forming her own jazz combo band, calling it, ‎‎“Marion Ross & Jazz Band;” who toured in and outside of the Oklahoma ‎state; performing in various show cases and TV spotlights.‎

After completing the Master’s degree with high honors, Marion ‎Ross moved to Los Angeles, California. Besides singing, Marion started ‎teaching music and vocal performance at St. Joan of Arc catholic school ‎in West Los Angeles, where she became the main music director, a cantor in ‎church, and later a conductor of the St.Joan of Arc children’s choir.

In  2002, Marion Ross performed as a mezzo-soprano in a world ‎premiere of “Three Laments on the Great War.” The composition was ‎written by Stephen Whitehead, and performed with San Francisco Concerto ‎Orchestra, in San Francisco, conducted by Eric Kujawsky, directed by Seth ‎Montfort. ‎
In addition to the classical performances, Marion Ross also pursued a ‎career of contemporary music vocalist. Putting her own band together, featuring different ‎musicians, Marion continued to tour all over the States: Houston, Nashville, ‎Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.‎

First let me say that Marion Ross is  an artist of exceptional sensitivity, integrity, decdication and elan. Whatever Marion does, she gives it 101 percent, heart and soul.‎
‎Marion Ross is a multi-talented performer, singer-dancer-actress of seemingly unending energy, who entertains and mesmerizes your lucky audiences like no one else i know.
‎Marion is a talented composer, accomplished and caring teacher, visionary director – her talents, accomplishments are those of someone double her age!
‎The other impressive aspect about Marion Ross is the fact that – with her keen and sensitive ear – she is comfortable in so many areas of music: classical, pop, jazz, soul, rock, Broadway. Truly amazing !!

Peter Klein

Today Marion lives and works in Israel, but her journey travelling never ends. She composes her own music; produces and directs different venues in Israel, including teaching vocal performance professionally in different conservatories.

Besides participating in different jazz venues in Israel, Marion Ross sang with a new Israeli Opera; constantly performs with The Jerusalem Symphonic Orchestra in a musical project, called “Sounds of Musicals”, conducted by Rony Weiss. Combination of The Jerusalem Symphonic Orchestra and a very fine Israeli rhythm section for the first time, reveals a new exotic flavor to the tunes from “Porgy and Bess”, “Cabaret”, “Aladdin”, and etc. The concerts take place in Jerusalem Theatre, in the Festival of Israel, surrounded by over 5,000 people, and also in the Israeli Opera House in Tel Aviv. In 2006-7,Marion also performed the whole season of ‎‎“Benyamin the third” with Sasi Keshet and  Jakov Bodo in Idishpil Theater.

In 2008, Marion Ross represented Israel in Lady Summertime Jazz ‎Festival in Kajanni, Finland, she was one of the 18 other countries around ‎Europe and Russia.‎
Marion Ross appeared in many TV talk shows, news, and radio. In 2011, she participated as a dancer in a TV show “Dancing with Stars” on Channel 9.  Her
concerts were broadcasted several times on the first channel of the National Israeli TV “Rishut Ha Shudur”. She appeared on Channel 10, “Avri Giliad morning show”; Channel 9, Ian Levinzon show “7/40”, on the international Channel RTVI in talk show “The Evening Ptashka” with the jazz pianist Leonid Ptashka.
Today Marion Ross organizes events, performs in different music venues, sings with various bands, and teaches voice in the music conservatory. She has her own band-Marion Ross &the Band, and she is also the leading vocalist in a Big Band, touring all over Israel.