Music for your Special Occasion

Marion Ross as a Band leader

My rich educational background and long time experience allow me to be a singer and a band leader at the same time.  My shows and concerts are on a very high professional level.  I’m lucky to know and work with many professional talented musicians, therefore, I’m responsible for the music directing in my events and concerts.

“I can’t stop loving you” – Marion Ross

I would like to offer you a versatility of the bands which I’m performing/singing with.

For smaller events I highly recommend:

Intimate Cabaret/ romantic Lounge/receptions/bridal showers/bachelor parties/house/birthday parties/anniversaries/small gigs/bars/restaurants:

  • 2- piece small band: Piano/keys/guitar with singer
  • 3 –piece band: piano/keys/guitar/ with singer and base player
  • Sax with piano and singer
  • Guitar with percussion and singer
  • Piano/keys with singer and drums
  • Guitar/balalaika with singer and accordion
  • Violin with singer and accordion

For bigger events I highly recommend:

Public gigs/festivals/concert halls/promotions &corporate events/grand openings/charity and communities/sales events/gallery openings/gala fundraisings/Exclusive parties/get-together/trade shows/conference events/ball room dancing/VIP parties:

  • Quartet:4 -piece band and up: piano/keys/guitar; base, drums with me singing
  • Quintet: 5 –piece band: piano/guitar,base,drums,sax with singer
  • Sextet: 6-piece band: piano/guitar,base,drums,sax,trumpet with singer, and etc…..
  • And of course, Big Band-20 piece band who accompany any style, with me singing.

The choice for the right band (whether it is 2 piece or 20 piece Big Band) depends on the theme of the event, quantity of people, type of place and budget.

There is a possibility to combine different bands and different music themes. An additional male singer and a couple of professional dancers can be definitely added to the show upon the request.

You are welcome to check different bands, repertoire and videos under
My shows”

The price of each venue, concert, or party can be discussed personally and signed in the agreement prior to the happening.

I will be really happy to answer all your questions or requests by e-mail, phone or meet with you personally.