Music for your Special Occasion

I always try to be an inspiration for my students, not only a voice teacher but also a mentor who supports them in all their career beginnings.

My purpose as a voice teacher and a vocal coach is to help you find your own voice as a singer and as a performer.

Whether you are a complete beginner who wants to learn the basics of how to sing correctly, or an experienced singer looking for a professional voice teacher who can take you to the next level, I will build a vocal lesson that will work for your individual needs as a singer.

I had a privilege to coach thousands of professional singers in  opera and also in all contemporary vocal styles:R&B, soul,rock, country, jazz, musical theatre.

My technique is simple and clear, I also include speech therapy, allowing each of you to master many styles, and most important of all: sing healthy!

What is a healthy singing?

Most of the singers tend to overpower their voices, even the singers with big voices, and push them to the limit; the next day after their performance they can barely talk.

I teach singers how to preserve their energy, not wasting it, and keep their voice healthy and stable through their performances, and most of all sing all their lives!

What do I do?

  • Private voice lessons (60 minutes)
  • Master classes/clinics
  • Vocal workshops
  • Vocal ensembles

In my  private sixty minute sessions we work on:

  • How to support and breathe
  • How to expand your vocal range, resonance,
  •  How to make your voice stronger
  •  How to exercise right at home
  • Prepare singers for auditions to talent shows, musicals building individual own voice
  • Developing your own music style
  • Building your own repertoire from classical, opera, pop, jazz, rock,funk,etc…
  • Various language diction: English, Russian, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Spanish, Italian, French and German.
  • Vocal performance
  • Performance:  Philosophy and Phobias, Performance Anxiety.
  • How to work with a microphone on stage
  • Finding and creating the right band for you
  • Song writing
  • Music theory and sight singing

For booking private lessons/vocal workshops, please go to “Contact me” and leave me a message.